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Choice of Venue in Seeking an Abuse Prevention Order

In a recent slip opinion decision by the Massachusetts Appeals Court in the case of M.B. vs. J.B., No. 13-P-204, the appeals court clarified the venue provisions of M.G.L. c. 209A from an application for abuse prevention made initially in the Worcester Probate and Family Court and subsequently in the Falmouth District Court in the …

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Preserving Parenting Rights

In Massachusetts, non-custodial parents who choose not to exercise court ordered parenting time cannot be held in contempt for not exercising their parenting rights under a court order or agreement incorporated into a judgment. Custodial parents in Massachusetts who choose to prevent the non-custodial parents’ exercise of court ordered parenting rights can and will be …

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The Cyber Public Square

If you have any concern that you are in a relationship that could end in divorce or a custody battle over where your children live and with whom, my advice to you is to close down any social networking site you maintain – it will make your lawyer’s life a lot easier. If you’re not …

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