Worcester Mass Real Estate Law & Property Law

Attorney Lee began his paralegal practice in Worcester in 1988 in real estate law as a real estate title examiner and broker. Today, he represents buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate, with a specialty in quieting problem titles.

If you live or have a case in Worcester County, contact Attorney Mark Twombly Lee when you need to:

  • Sell a property
  • Buy a property
  • Privately mortgage a property
  • Lease a property
  • Convert a multi-unit building into a condominium
  • Obtain a special permit or variance from a zoning board
  • Create an easement or party wall agreement
  • File a petition to partition an interest in real estate and sell it
  • Settle a boundary dispute or enjoin trespass
  • Convey property into a trust
  • Convey title from the estate of a ward or deceased person

If you are selling a home, our services include:

  • Drafting your Sale Contract based on the accepted offer tendered from your broker
  • Negotiating any inspection issues or contract changes with buyer’s counsel
  • Obtaining payoff statements for any mortgages or liens against your ownership
  • Escrowing any contract purchase deposits until sale
  • Preparing your Deed and a Power of Attorney to represent you at the closing
  • Attending the closing on your behalf
  • Providing you with an accounting of the sale transaction and transmitting your sale proceeds to you

Generally, we will meet with you once to execute the documents you need to effectuate your sale and a second time, if necessary, for your to receive your sale proceeds. Proceeds can always be directly deposited or wired based on your needs.

If you are buying a home, our services include:

  • Reviewing your home inspection, offer to purchase, and the sale contract with you
  • Reviewing your financing and estimated closing costs
  • Protecting your purchase deposit in the contract until you have a commitment for financing
  • Assisting you in the selection of home insurance coverage
  • Representing you at closing

Making sure you declare and record a Declaration of Homestead with your purchase

Whether you are selling or buying a residential property, simply provide your real estate broker with Attorney Lee’s name and contact information. Once we receive an accepted offer, we will open your file and call you to schedule a meeting.

Use the links below to review sample Engagement Letters, which also outline our current hourly fees, for representation in Housing Court.

If you believe your real estate transaction will require more than normal representation, click here to complete a Request for Consultation form and we will contact you. Or call Attorney Lee’s office at (508) 987-3939 for more information.