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January 2021

I turned to Mark when my child’s mother attempted to conduct an “in state removal”, in an attempt to severely alter my parenting time and harm our relationship. Despite the other side’s attorney making false, disgusting claims and operating in a manner unbefitting of her title, Mark remained incredibly professional and never wavered. I relied on his extensive knowledge of the situation and trusted him the entire way through. Mark’s efforts at trial were incredible and these actions led to the attempted move to not be allowed. I was then granted primary physical custody of my child. If not for Mark’s efforts and expertise during this time, I would not feel like the parent I do today, as I had been fighting for years just to be one. I highly recommend Mark for any custody issues, as I would not be where I am today without him!

A Child Custody Client

September 2019

“He is very good and knows his stuff. I hired him based on random google search and I felt so lucky I ended with him. He represented me in child support case, and even though I had representation before, he was quick to catch on whole background.”

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Hired Attorney

July 2019

Mark lee is amazing in the court room very knowledgeable helped me get custody of my kids couldn’t have done it without him.

A Child Custody Client

April 2016

“If you are a father going through a hairy divorce (as was I), Mark Lee will do a wonderful job for you. Here’s why… He knows the law. He has been a fixture at the Worcester courthouse for decades, and knows how to make an argument to each of the judges. He comes off as the most reasonable person in the courtroom. He understands female psychology (especially the crazy ones) better than most. He will boost your spirits when you are down. His fees are reasonable and he is honest. If something needs immediate attention he will spring into action, even on a weekend. In the end, I received everything I was looking for, including full custody of my two children. Mark did a great job and I highly recommend him.”

A Divorce Client

March 2015

Attorney Lee, along with Nicole Boyda and staff, walked me through a long 4 year divorce process with expertise and grace. Attorney Lee used his knowledge of the Worcester County Probate Court to strategically advise me through a difficult divorce. Attorney Lee was able to secure a separation agreement that kept me in my home, got me a favorable parenting plan, and child support. He proved to be professional, reliable, affordable, and fair. Attorney Lee was skillful when dealing with other attorney’s and kept our case on track during multiple delays and proceedings. He showed that he cared about my children, especially considering one of my boys has Autism. I highly recommend Attorney Lee for any person facing divorce, but especially Dad’s.

David – Divorce Client

January 2015

Dear Attorney Lee,

I just wanted to follow-up with you and your team following the agreement you were able to help me obtain in December. I have now had the pleasure of enjoying the extra night with my son, and it has been amazing. I can not thank you and Attorney Blouin enough for all that you did for me and for my son. The best Christmas present i have ever received was the gift of another night with my son and the guarantee that it will not be taken away from us. The whole process was made so easy by you and your team. From the moment we met for the first time, you made me feel like my case, my thoughts and my feelings really mattered. You have made me one very happy father. Thank you, for everything, you and your team is amazing!


January 2012

I have worked with and hired other family law attorneys in the past…but Mark T. Lee and his law practice staff have my HIGHEST endorsement and recommendation for those seeking guidance and legal representation in the area of family/probate law.

James ( A Probate Client)

September 2011

Mark spent ample time collecting facts and was impeccably well prepared for the trial. His presentation of the details were quick, precise, and well delivered. In the end, I was awarded full Legal and physical custody of my children and a fair parenting plan. I feel that Mark always understood what I was going through while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Glenn ( A Child Custody Client)

July 2011

Without Attorney Mark Lee and Nicole Boyda standing behind me and my Judge listening to all the facts in trial and getting to the truth; I sincerely believe that I would have not been awarded sole custody of my children. So if you are asking yourself if you should hire Attorney Mark T Lee, first ask yourself if you want an attorney standing beside you that cares about you and your children; not just your wallet.

A Child Custody Client

June 2011

Going through a divorce is nothing short of chaos, never mind the emotional aspect. Mark and his team were thorough, efficient and made things as smooth as possible. I was, at all times, kept informed and counseled on matters. I was treated with respect by people who take pride in what they do. I highly recommend Mark, Ross and Nicole.

A Divorce Client

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