Housing Law in Worcester Mass

If you live in Worcester County or have a case in Worcester County and are seeking representation in the area of Probate and Family Law, Real Estate Law or Landlord and Tenant/Housing Law, your most sensible first step is to schedule a consultation with Attorney Lee. He will assess the situation and advise you on the best course of action.

Landlords: For collection and termination of tenancy cases, the first step is to call the office. Provide us with your contact information, the tenant contact information, the amount of monthly rent owed and when it is due, (or the grounds for termination), and we will prepare a Notice to Quit to be served upon the tenant. We will request fees to cover services rendered at that time. If the issue does not resolve or cure itself, we will file a complaint for you and proceed to court.

Tenants: If you have been served with a Notice to Quit, or are having problems with your landlord or apartment, call the office for a consultation. Bring with you your lease, tenancy agreement, statement of condition and any receipts the landlord has given you for your first or last month rent or security deposit. If your complaint concerns conditions in your apartment, please bring pictures.

Attorney Mark Lee on being a Landlord and a Lawyer

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Massachusetts Landlord & Tenant Law

If you live or have a case in the Worcester County Housing Court, Attorney Lee will provide knowledgeable and efficient representation when you need to take any of the following actions:

  • Lease a property; month to month or a term of years
  • Properly collect and hold a security deposit or last month’s rent from a tenant
  • Give a notice to quit to a tenant for non-payment of rent, no cause or cause
  • Withhold rent from a landlord for cause
  • Bring a restraining order against a tenant
  • Bring a restraining order against a landlord
  • Evict a tenant for drug use
  • Evict a tenant for nuisance or waste to the dwelling
  • Evict a tenant for non-payment of rent
  • Collect a security deposit from a landlord who is improperly holding it
  • Force a landlord to make repairs in accordance with the Building Code

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